Economic Impact

Restaurant and Bar Owner, Manager, and Employees Quotes In Support of Smokefree Air!

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Please take the time to view Straight-Talk about Smoke-Free Laws, a 6-minute video by restaurateurs for restaurateurs on the issue of smokefree policy. The video is available in two formats:

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Almost every smokefree ordinance campaign includes a discussion on the economic impact of smokefree laws. The tobacco industry and their front groups love to claim that smokefree laws have a negative effect on business, especially on the hospitality sector. In fact, for several decades they have been claiming that businesses will lose "30%" of their profits.

However, every legitimate economic study ever done has shown no negative impact, and in a few cases, studies have shown a positive impact. Only studies commissioned or supported by the tobacco industry have shown a negative impact.

It is now clear that workplaces that have adopted smokefree air policies reap great economic benefits from those policies. In fact, the only negative economic effect that smokefree laws have is on the tobacco industry itself, which stands to lose billions of dollars in profits when these laws are adopted.

Chambers of Commerce agree going smokefree is the best decision the business community can make. Across the country, they are coming out in support of smokefree campaigns, expressing that smokefree air is great for health and great for business. Click on the image to read supportive quotes from Chambers of Commerce.

Smokefree air is also very popular with the public. According to a national Zagat Survey of more that 110,000 restaurant patrons in the United States, 4 out of 5 said that all restaurants should be smokefree, 32% would go out to eat more often if restaurants were smokefree (only 3% said they would eat out less). In California, 70% of respondents said they would eat out less if smoking were re-allowed in restaurants.