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The most successful smokefree campaigns are carefully planned and can take years to complete. Rushing into a campaign may be tempting. Be careful. Lay the groundwork and follow the necessary planning steps before jumping in with both feet. Review each section on the left hand side of this page before you develop your campaign plan. Once you have completed the necessary steps outlined in our Getting Started section, lay out your strategic plan for During the Campaign and After the Campaign. Last but not least, design your plan for implementing your new law when it takes effect.

Remember, you are not alone. We are here to help make your smokefree campaign a success! Call us at 510-841-3032 to consult with the technical assistance expert for your area.

Hundreds of communities in the U.S. have a local comprehensive smokefree law. In addition to these hundreds of laws, state laws cover thousands of other communities and more smokefree laws are passing at the local and state levels all the time. With more than 60% of the United States population protected under smokefree laws, we have come a long way. Yet the majority of the population is still unprotected from secondhand smoke at work and in indoor public places.

There is a mountain of scientific evidence proving the dangers of secondhand smoke exposure. We know there is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke and even short term exposure can be deadly. So you may find yourself wondering why workers and residents in your community are still exposed.

Where do you fit in? If your community does not have a strong smokefree policy in place, we can help you get started on a local smokefree campaign. This section of the website will tell you how to get started, what to expect during the campaign, after the campaign, and finally, tips on implementing your new smokefree policy.

Luckily, smokefree pioneers have blazed the trail for us. We know the most effective ways to educate our communities and how to know when we are ready to advocate for a smokefree policy. You can do it. We can help.

Everyone has the right to breathe clean air. Become familiar with the fundamentals of smokefree air policy. Educate yourself on the science of secondhand smoke. Do your research. Know the current policies on the books in your community and in your state. See our Getting Started section to determine if you are ready to embark on a smokefree campaign.

Common Questions
Should we consider a statewide law?
What about a city versus county law?
Should we send it to a public vote?

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