What's Happening in Your Area?

Smokefree air activity is taking place all across the United States and in many countries worldwide. Across the United States, 22,661 municipalities, representing 81.6% of the US population, are covered by a 100% smokefree provision in non-hospitality workplaces, and/or restaurants, and/or bars, by either a state, commonwealth, territorial, or local law. However, only 58.4% of Americans are fully protected by a local or state law requiring workplaces, AND restaurants, AND bars to be smokefree. Those numbers are continually increasing as people learn about the health hazards of secondhand smoke and take action to protect their community's citizens, employees, and visitors.

Unfortunately, the opposition never rests. In 2011, opponents tried to roll back smokefree laws in 16 states. ANR and its members worked together to protect those laws and nonsmokers' rights to breathe smokefree air. Get involved and be part of the solution!


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