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Tenants & Landlords - What's happening in your area?
Work is underway all across the U.S. to increase the availability of smokefree multi-unit housing. In many states health departments, coalitions, or other organizations have developed a number of very useful tools on smokefree housing to support tenants as well as resources to educate and assist landlords and property managers in making their buildings smokefree, including: how-to guides on adopting a smokefree policy, lease addendums, local public opinion surveys, and even housing registries to find local smokefree buildings.

Please use the drop down menu to see if there are local resources available in your area. You can visit their websites and contact the coalitions to learn more about smokefree housing where you live.

If your state's not listed below, consider checking out some great tips and tools offered on smokefree housing sites in other states, including Maine, Minnesota, NewYork, or North Carolina.