Tobacco's Target Populations

To the tobacco industry, we are all the same. We are all targeted by Big Tobacco to support its bottom line.

Like active smoking, secondhand smoke is an equal opportunity killer. We all deserve to breathe smokefree, and we all know it!

As the smokefree movement continues to gain momentum and more communities are going 100% smokefree indoors, different populations across the country are rising up and joining together, declaring to the tobacco companies "Enough is enough! Stop targeting us!"

African Americans, Latinos, faith communities, youth groups, and American Indians, not to mention labor unions and LGBT, to name a few, can all be powerful allies in smokefree campaigns. The key is to respect everyone's ideas and input, to engage all populations early and often in campaign planning, and to be flexible. The more your smokefree coalition represents all the faces of your community, the stronger and more successful it will be at protecting all persons from secondhand smoke exposure.